Love Is Deaf


 Returning for it's 6th year on February 13th, 2014
at Douglas Corner Cafe, 8:00 PM
Celebrate Valentine's Day Nashville Style! 
Professional musicians and songwriters take the stage with their "better" half on this special night to perform one love song of their choice as a duet and on their own steam.  Who plays what and who sings what is all up to them and it's all a surprise!  You'll see some of Nashville's best and brightest have a ball helping their mates experience the roar of the crowd.  The performances are clever, funny, charming and sweet with a capital S! 
It's Nashville's addictively fun Valentine's tradition!
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(The lineup of all past shows is provided below)


Thank you to all the couples who performed on February 14, 2013!

(in order of appearance)

Anna & Michael Webb "Mama He's Crazy"

Amy & Tom Comet "Never Been In Love"

Karen Leipziger & Andy Ellis "Things We Said Today"

Julie & Supe Granda "We Like To Bake And Cook" (original)

Julie Grower & Bruce Jon Brigham "Never My Love"

Denise Stiff & Steve Sheehan "I Got You Babe"

Lily & Hege V "Limousine Song" (original)

Mary & Rusty Young "Things To Do" (original)

Sherrie & Chris James "Blue Eyes"

Lauren Braddock Havey & Jim Havey "Escape (Pina Colada Song)"

Wendy Deason & Jack Silverman "Dream A Little Dream For Me"

Heather Lose & John Reed "Crazy Love"

Sue Braswell & Jack Sundrud "Dance In The Kitchen" (original)

Karin & Robin Eaton "Pretty Monster" (original)

Katie & Ben Strano "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday"

Kris & Eliot Houser "Fooled Around And Fell In Love"

Lisa & Tim Good "A Fairy Tale" (original)

Deirdre & Tony Kerr "Lonely Boy"

Jan & Joe Davies "I'm In Love Again" (original)

Ellen & Rick Lonow "Time Of The Season"

Kim Collins & Peter Hyrka "Baby, It's Cold Outside (The Morning After)" (original)

Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin "Baby, You Needs Me"


Thank you to all the wonderful couples that performed in 2012!
(In order of appearance)

Anna & Michael Webb   "It Had To Be You"

Julie & Supe Granda   "You're So Good For Me"

Danna Strong & Webb Wilder   "Love Is All Around"

Lisa Oliver-Gray & Michael Gray   "My Pretty Song" (original)

Marshal Chapman & Chris Fletcher   "Everyday"

Beth & Tommy Womack   "I'm Sticking With You"

Stephanie & Jeff Cease  "Love Sneaking Up On You"

Sherrie Maxwell & Chris James   "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight"

Sue Braswell & Jack Sundrud   "Still My Valentine" (original)

Amy & Tom Comet   "Somebody To Love"

Lisa & Tim Good   "Have A Little Faith In Me"

Missy Johnson & Shaker MacQuarrie   "Baby, I Love You"

Karin & Robin Eaton   "When The Stars Fall" (original)

Lily & Hege V   "He Bought A Banjo (The Banjo Song)" (original)

Jessi Gunter & Jason Graumlich  "Another Like You"

Deirdre & Tony Kerr   "Stumblin' In"

Denise Stiff & Steven Sheehan   "Walk Right Back"

Sam Simms & George Lawrence   "Humoresque"

Lisa Galipeau & Anne McCue   "Long Haired Lover From Liverpool"

Rachel Proctor & John Lancaster   "Crazy For You"

Carol Warren & Dale Whitehead  "Sugar Mine"

Queenie Mullinix & Dave Webb   "Simple As That" (original)

Scott Douglas & Tommy Keenum   "Stand By Your Man"

Kris & Eliot Houser   "Love Ain't For Keeping"


Third time's a charm!  Thanks to the following couples, 2011 was the best year yet!
(In order of appearance)

Anna & Michael Webb   "I Want You Bad"

Julie & Supe Granda   "My, My, My" (original)

Katie & Ben Strano   "You're My Best Friend"

Sue Braswell & Jack Sundrud   "Don't Laugh"

Blanche & Warner Hodges   "All I Need Is Your Love" (original)

Lisa & Tim Good   "Definition of Love"

Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin   "I Want A Hot Dog For My Roll" (original)

Amy & Tom Comet   "Let Me Hear You Smile"/"Things To You"

Ashley Hart & Chad Grant   "Love Story"

Etta & Bob Britt   "Tonight You Belong To Me"

Tommy Keenum & Scott Douglas   "One Man Guy"

Sabine Schlunk & JJ Jones   "Reunited"

Queenie Mullinix & Dave Webb   "Let's Duet"

Lois Hess & Boomer Castleman   "Heck of A Woman" (original)

Kris & Eliot Houser   "Don't Let Me Hold Back" (original)

Jayne Rogovin & John McTigue   "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"

Ashley Swartout & Simon Kerr   "Home"

Lily & Hege V   "Way Down Upon The Harpeth River" (original)

Barbara Dorris & Steve Goodie   "Love Song # Whatever"

Deirdre & Tony Kerr   "Rich Woman"

Jill & Billy Block   "Afternoon Delight"

Megan Light & Nathan Spears   "Stop Dragging My Heart Around"

Ellen & Rick Lonow   "Little Deuce Coupe"

Nancy Terzian & Dave Pomeroy   "Stir It Up"

Group Sing   "I Want You Bad"


 Thanks to the following couples for another wildly entertaining year in 2010!
(In order of appearance) 

Anna & Michael Webb   "Two of Us"

Barbara Dorris & Steve Goodie   "I Will Stay With You" (original)

Donna Beasley & Tom Spaulding   "Love My Way"

Mary Leland Wehner & Mark Wehner   "Wonderful Tonight"

Erika Wollam-Nichols & Roger Nichols   "Can't Buy Me Love"

Sherrie Maxwell & Chris James   "Woman"

Linda & Steve Allen   "That's Amore"

 Charlotte & Peter Cooper   "I Love You Pregnant (Even More)" (original)

Ashley Hart & Chad Grant   "Eight Days a Week"

Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin   "I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)"

Sabine Schlunk & JJ Jones   "I Honestly Love You"

Helen Stevens & Bill DeMain   "When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"

Ellen & Rick Lonow   "If I Fell"

Julie & Supe Granda   "I Married A Cubs Fan" (original)

Katie & Ben Strano   "I Want You to Want Me"

Lisa & Tim Good   "In Spite of Ourselves"

Andrea Barrett & Jason White   "Somethin' Stupid"

Debbi & James Pennebaker   "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"

Queenie Mullinix & Dave Webb   "It Takes Two"

Kate & Mark Irwin  "If I Should Fall Behind"

Lissy & John Mann   "Milwaukee Here I Come"

Dierdre & Tony Kerr   "Living Without You" (original)

Kris & Eliot Houser   "I'll Stop the World (Melt with You)"

Group Sing   "Put A Litte Love In Your Heart"


Many thanks to those who participated in the first annual Love Is Deaf  in 2009
(In order of appearance)

Anna & Michael Webb   "Unlonely"

Laurie George & Dan Baird   "You Don't Miss Your Water"

Barbara Dorris & Steve Goodie   "Sweat the Small Stuff"

Deborah & Warner Hodges   "Stand By Me"

Beth & Tommy Womack   "Wild Thing"

Stowe & Peter Shockey   "Coffee With My Sugar"

Elizabeth Cook & Tim Carroll   "Islands in the Stream"

Liz Hengber & Phil Foster   "When You're Screwing Other Women Think of Me"

Sherrie Maxwell & Chris James   "So Bad"

Deirdre & Tony Kerr   "I Wanna Grow Old Gracefully With You"

Kathy Russ & Brian Waldschlager   "Candy"

Kathie Baillie & Michael Bonagura   "Love Hurts"

Erika Wollam-Nichols & Roger Nichols   "Fever"

Linda & Steve Allen   "Tonight You Belong To Me"

Stacie & Allen Collins   "Drinking Too Much"

Katie Allen & Ben Strano   "He Needs Me"

Kris & Eliot Houser   "Let's Do It"

Julie & Supe Granda   "That's What Love Will Make You Do"

Andrea Barrett & Jason White   Original Composition

Tracy Monette & Jeremy Pennebaker   "Business Time"

Jill & Billy Block   "I Got You Babe"

Pru Clearwater & Tom Mason   "I Remember It Well"

LeAnn Etheridge & Stewart Blandamer (stand-in hubby)   "Darlin' "

Anna & Michael Webb   "Silly Love Songs"

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